A wedding gown made from aso oke

CEO Mania Alaso Oke is always showing us how versatile the aso oke fabric is. Aso oke is popularly worn by brides at their traditional wedding but who says you can’t wear aso oke at your white wedding too. This look features a wedding gown made from aso-oke.

The shoot was put together by Ogundele Oluwatobi of CEO Mania Alaso Oke to showcase one of many other things that can be made from the rich and indigenous Aso-Oke fabric.

Check on it!

  • Aso-Oke: CEO Mania Alaso oke
  • Hair: Tobbie’s Touch
  • Tailoring: January 8th Style
  • Makeup: Otenaira Makeovers
  • Photography: Glintz Photography
  • Earrings: Rochem Iyaileke


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One thought on “A wedding gown made from aso oke

  1. Very innovative. In late eighties, Labannela (Abba Folawiyo the elegant mother of Segun Awolowo) made her daughter inlaw wedding gown using Ask oke. Nigerians should be encourage to use local fabrics to make beautiful wedding gown. What’s wrong with using Adire!. Proudly Nigerian

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