20 bridal hair styles for African traditional brides with coral & ivory beads

There are bridal hairstyles and there are African bridal hairstyles. If you searching for a bridal hairstyle for your African traditional wedding, we are sure this post will inspire you. From bridal hair styled with coral and ivory beads, here are 20 African hair styles you’ll love. Enjoy!

1. Tobbies Touch called this the Iconic Barbie tradlook

2. Hair Flair Chan brought this one for the Igbo traditional brides

3. Another one for Igbo brides

4. This look by Jovoria Beauty Salon will work even for a white wedding

5. Sunny Beauty Solution is giving us high bun goals and we love it.

6. Hair by Gucchie

7. Olu David

8. Hair artistry by Lola

9. Mena Petite

10. Tobbies Touch

11. Coral goodness

12. Sleek back by Tobbies Touch

13. Ddys Bridal Makeover

14. We love the ivory beads

15. Tobbies Touch

16. Tobbies Touch

17. Adurables Touch

18. Hair by Gucchie

19. Hair by Gucchie

20. DBeauty World

21. Hair by Kingz

Leave a comment with your favourite bridal hairstyle below!


Eguolo Anita Etefe is a wedding and travel enthusiast

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