Soladiti & Femi’s #AThreeFoldCord love story will make you smile

Nigerian couple, Soladiti & Femi are getting married. The couple shared their love story and pictures from their prewedding shoot with us via their wedding planner, BankySu Events. Here’s the #AThreeFoldCord story

The bride’s story

Femi and I have been acquaintances for about 7 years as we are both workers in the same church but we were just always civil towards each other; nothing serious. Besides my 9-5, I also create content for fashion brands and so he became one of my regular commenters so we started vibing from there.

At some point, I relocated to Port Harcourt because of work and I noticed that he would ask where I’ve been anytime I come back to Lagos for the weekend. We started talking proper in my DM’s because he would also reply my stories (so strategic .. as a sharp guy that he is lol )

We moved to talking on WhatsApp every day and within about 3 weeks of us having candid conversations centered around God, our lives, our values, and general bants, he told me he wanted me to be his wife.  I wasn’t in a hurry to make a decision. I took my time to seek God’s face and I told God that if he wasn’t meant to be my husband, he should just scatter it. But as the days went by, it dawned on me that he was everything I was waiting on God for.

I had asked God for just two things. I wanted a man that was tall (I’m 5,9”), and someone that lived God’s word online and offline. And God really showed up and gave me Jara by giving me my bespoke TDH hehe

It randomly clicked that Femi’s love for me and the kind of attention he gives me reminds me of God’s unconditional love for me. I remember I kept asking him why he wanted to be with me and I mentioned I have so many flaws .. and he was like “I like everything about you plus nobody is perfect, and if there’s anything you think you want to work on, I would love you into who God wants you to be. It was like God was showing me His love for me.. unconditional, reckless, stubborn type of love.. amidst other things.

Femi is a great guy! I’m at peace knowing that We are not walking this journey alone. It’s #AThreeFoldCord Ecclesiastes 4:12.

The groom’s story

The story of how I met Sola and knew she was the one is one for the books with a lot of interesting twists.

Saw her years ago and in my mind, I was like I can work with this! I love everything about her. Really liked her but I wasn’t ready so we remained acquaintances. She went into another relationship and I moved on. She does content creation for fashion brands so I just became more of a supporter from afar.

Over 8 years later, I was minding my business on a particular Sunday in church and it was as if the holy spirit lifted my head and said to me, ” Now, this can work!” At that moment, even before making a move, I was sure that is where my future lies.

Guy man then started the moves and as they say, the rest is history.

Adesoladiti is my motivation, I love her and looking forward to this journey with her with God at the center.


Credits & Vendors

  • Bride: @debbie_alan01
  • Groom: @oluwafemiadesina_gw
  • Planner: @bankysuevents
  • Dresses: @imadeduso @barbararichard_
  • Photography: @jgatesvisuals
  • Videography: @lanreeshofilms


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