Our top Nikkah bridal looks from 2021

The Nikkah bridal fashion statements we witnessed in 2021 were simply outstanding. Muslim brides stepped out in bridal looks we have never seen before. Some of the outfits we spotted at the muslim weddings in 2021 were both contemporary and traditional. An ethereal-inspired outfit, a slip dress-inspired gown with an ephemeral veil, a structured pantsuit, a beaded and stoned dress, a high neck dress, elegantly styled turbans, birdcage hats, and more are just some of the Nikkah bridal looks that made our list.

So without further ado, we present our top Nikkah bridal looks from 2021. Enjoy!

Allyson-Aina Davies, a Nigerian bride, dressed in gold and ivory for her Nikkah ceremony, complete with a turban and veil. The Lavish Bridal styling team created the inspired ethereal look with a pop in her makeup.

Moby for #MUDimiri: The bride styled by So Style, a Nigerian styling brand in a minimalist slip-dress inspired gown with an ephemeral veil with a delicate trim edge by ASAR by Nikeen Asar.

Zara from #Fate2021 was styled for her Nikkah ceremony by The Wardrobe Manager in a lovely satin dress, birdcage hat and a veil.


Shahida Gaya styled by Lavish Bridal in an Odio Mimonet outfit.

Mrs Yusuf was Styled by Seun in a structured pantsuit, court shoes and a birdcage hat.

Fatima for #FatimanSurtillInfinity union in a satin outfit by Imad Eduso Bridal.

Halima for #HM2021

Muneerah for #MuksandMRS

Adunni for #TheMuritalaPlan

Oyebade Adebimpe for #AdeAdeForever

Credits: Instagram


Eguolo Anita Etefe is a wedding and travel enthusiast

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