Timeless Aso Oke Bridal Looks by Fabric Etcetera Ng

Founded in February 2018, Fabric Etcetera Ng is a Nigerian fashion brand that is known for designing and producing high quality hand-woven fabric (Aso Oke), as well as highly fashionable custom-made outfits for brides in Nigeria and the diaspora. The brand’s uniqueness lies in creatively blending of traditional and modern fashion which reflect the rich cultural heritage of western Nigeria.

Recently, the brand unveiled Two Aso Oke bridal designs tagged “Timeless Bridal Look 2O24”, which showcases two contemporary bridal Aso Oke designs. These designs were meant to serve as an inspirational look for brides-to-be for the coming year as it tends to profile two categories of a Nigerian bride; “The Radiant Bride” and “The Enchanting Bride”.


This bridal outfit is more than just a dress, it is a celebration of intricate details. From the meticulously places hand-beadings embellishments to the delicate Chantilly fabric, all elements are carefully curated to embody the essence of a bride who appreciates the finer things in life. Crafted from the finest two-toned Aso Oke mixed with Chantilly lace, this outfit is a testament to the evolving landscape of bridal fashion where cultural heritage meets contemporary allure.

This gorgeous look is specially designed for women who wants their bridal attire to be a reflection of their personality- Detailed, Dazzling, and ready to make a statement.  

The outfit can be paired with either a head gear (Gele) or with a styled hair. The versatility of the outfit makes it an original Timeless masterpiece.


This outfit is a masterpiece that plays with contrasting colors, creating a well-defined silhouette and clean lines. It is a minimalist marvel with a burst of colors, offering a subtle yet enchanting allure. The result is a look that effortlessly blends tradition with a contemporary aesthetics. 

What makes this ensemble truly exceptional is its versatility. It is not just a bridal look; it is a modern traditional outfit that seamlessly transitions from wedding ceremonies to other celebratory events. Whether you are a bride seeking a second look for your big day or a party guest looking to make statements, this creation is designed to be versatile and flexible.

About Fabric Etcetera Ng

Fabric Etcetera Ng is a fashion brand that is focused on providing bespoke contemporary traditional outfits for intending couples. We design custom-made Aso Oke and Stylish bridal outfits for local and international clients. We also offer Aso Ebi concierge services and bridal styling. You can reach out via email at fabricetceterang@gmail.com or on Instagram @fabricetcetera_ng


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