Tinsel Couple – Gbenro Ajibade & Osas Ighodaro Announce Wedding Date?

Gbenro Ajibade Osas Ighodaro LoveweddingsNG3

Tinsel lovebirds – Gbenro Ajibade and Osas Ighodaro seem to have picked a date. Gbenro shared the picture below on Instagram

Gbenro-Ajibade-and-Osas-Ighodaro LoveweddingsNG1

We cannot wait for #GbenrOsas…. Excited… Just as a reminder of how hot these two are, see the pictures below

AMVCA - Gbenro Ajibade and Osas Ighodaro LoveweddingsNGGbenro-Ajibade-and-Osas-Ighodaro LoveweddingsNG Gbenro Ajibade Osas Ighodaro LoveweddingsNG

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  1. Ade says:

    You asked us to get in touch if we love weddings. Yes, I do but whenever I get in touch, I don’t get any reply(ies). How else can we get in touch?

  2. Hi Ade, thank you for your comment. Apologies for the difficulties you’ve encountered in getting in touch with us. We’ve searched both our mailboxes and couldn’t find any emails from your email address. Could you please resend and we’d get back to you ASAP. Thanks

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