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Hello lovely people, we have another feature for you… Adetunji & Adedolapo met after Adetunji’s cousin used her (Adedolapo’s) picture as her BBM display picture. The couple have been inseparable since. Read their story and view pictures from the proposal below

How We Met

Adedolapo mi ewa as I fondly call her, is someone I got attached to even without setting my eyes on her.

I met my humble soulmate through my ‘walahish’ cousin Akinosi Boluwatife, who happens to be her closest female friend. Adedolapo has been part of the family and we never met until Boluwatife used her picture as her display picture on BBM. I couldn’t take my eyes off the picture, coupled with the nature of my job “No TIME”.

I kept on looking at the picture while I picked my other -phone to call Boluwatife. As soon as she picked up, she said Uncle Tunji, how far now? This one that you are calling today, my account must smile o. laughed and answered her “no wahala,abeg omo wo ni ofi shey dp yen” (Who is the girl on your dp?)… She laughed and said we should chat on BBM.

I was so curious to have all her details. She pinged and said her name is Adedolapo, I started teasing her to give me her mobile number and her pin but she told me to hold on for her to do the underground work *winks*. I kept on disturbing and she gave me maximum assurance. Few days later, she called me and asked me to read my messages on BBM. I picked up my phone in a rush to check the messages. I added her on BBM and we started chatting.We both decided to hook up at an eatery in Surulere, Lagos.Nigeria.

I finally met my superwoman, humble, kind, funny and ever loyal ADEDOLAPO. God keep us both…..

– Adetunji (Groom)

I met my superman through my bestie Akinosi Boluwatife whose call I received on a fateful evening while on a sick bed. She was surprised to hear me say “Hello” without adding any jara like “Hello big head” and the likes. She said ‘Ha,Dolapo kilode? and I told her that I was a bit indisposed at that moment.

Boluwatife, not minding my condition at the time, said “and I have a hot gist for you o”. I opened my eyes immediately and said “Bolu, oya what is the latest”. She told me about Adetunji and she sought my permission before giving him my mobile number and BBM Pin. I received a call from him not long after I spoke with Boluwatife.

I met my Superman months after we added each other on BBM and Adetunji has been playing the role of a father, brother, best friend, guardian and lover. I BLESS THE DAY WE MET – 1/09/2011.

– Adedolapo (Bride)


I called one of my beautiful cousins Oyetola Akinosi to inform her about my intention to propose to my superwoman Adedolapo. She was so happy and informed everyone around Adedolapo. We started planning and reached a conclusion to hang out on the first Sunday in October – 05/10/2014 at Suntan Beach in Badagry, Lagos.

She (Adedolapo) called to ask if I was invited to the beach and I told her yes but I wasn’t sure yet if I would be there. She said “Okay, God spare our lives”. She later tried to convince me to attend and I said okay I will, just to make her happy. I received a call from my cousin Oyetola saying it seemed Adedolapo was aware of the proposal and advised me to tell her I won’t be able to make it to the beach. I told Adedolapo and she said “No problem, but Adetunji I smell fun” *smiles*

On this faithful day, the 5th of October 2014. I got to the beach before she arrived with my cousins. Hidden in a place unknown to her, my cousins came to me one after the other to say Hi.I decided to show up, she was shocked to see me. She hugged me and said “this is a surprise’. Not knowing the main surprise was just few minutes away. My cousin Oyetola introduced the paparazzi of our time – Dipo Sofowora as a friend. We all greeted him and went to the sea side stylishly. I popped the question. We hugged tightly as she said Yes!!

– Adetunji

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  • Photography: Dipo Sofowora Photography | Instagram
  • Groom: @tunziedengi
  • Bride: @olomo_adedolapo

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