Covered & Chic: Bridal wear for the Muslim bride…

Covered and Chic Loveweddingsng

Abuja-based fashion house – Covered & Chic has unveiled its Muslim bridal lookbook!!!

Covered & Chic is focused on making dresses for Muslim brides and bridesmaids.


Covered and Chic Loveweddingsng1 Covered and Chic Loveweddingsng2 Covered and Chic Loveweddingsng3 Covered and Chic Loveweddingsng4 Covered and Chic Loveweddingsng5 Covered and Chic Nigerian Muslim Bride Loveweddingsng4Covered and Chic Loveweddingsng6Covered and Chic Nigerian Muslim Bride Loveweddingsng3Covered and Chic Nigerian Muslim Bride Loveweddingsng2


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