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5 minutes with Seun Kilanko LoveweddingsNG

‘5 Minutes with…’ is a series of short interviews with some of the esteemed vendors listed on our directory. We get to meet the brilliant people behind the brands we love. If you missed any of the previous posts in this series, catch up HERE. Today, we meet Seun Kilanko of Seun Kilanko Studios.


Seun Kilanko Nigerian Wedding Photographer LoveweddingsNG

Seun Kilanko is a Lagos based Wedding/Documentary Photographer. He manages Seun Kilanko Studios, a company he started in 2013. Seun Kilanko Studios consists of a team of professional photographers who are dedicated to helping you re-live and savour the memories and moments that you never want to end. The team are dedicated to making your photographs a signature of who you are; capturing and creating images that are timeless, crisp and captivating.

The Part of My Job I Enjoy The Most

Meeting new people and seeing how much they desire that I document their happy moments

My Biggest Accomplishment To Date

There are a lot of them but the most important is seeing my clients having that joyful and ecstatic feeling when I deliver their deliverables to them and then building a lasting relationship with them.

The Best Vendor You’ve Worked With

All the vendors I’ve had the privilege of working with are all spectacular.

In my Spare Time, I watch movies and I research on anything/skills I can improve on.

Interesting Fact about You

I’m almost a perfectionist and I always want to make sure I give my best no matter what it takes.

Call or Text… I prefer to do both.

Cook or Be Cooked For… I’ll prefer to be cooked for. I’m lazy when it comes to cooking.

3 Guests For Dinner, who would they be

Seun Kilanko - Ronke, Sam Adeyemi Seyi LoveweddingsNG
Aderonke Adebola, Sam Adeyemi & Seyi (LoveweddingsNG)
  • Seyi of LoveweddingsNG (She’s so dedicated to her work)
  • Sam Adeyemi (He’s one man that really inspires and challenges me)
  • Aderonke Adebola (My Love and C.E.O. of Thesaurus Studios)

To get in touch with Seun Kilanko Studios, click HERE.

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