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Wedding feature time… Amy & Izu got married recently and the couple shared their story and pictures with us. Another social media hook up. If you’re still searching, we think you should take Facebook, Twitter, BBM and the likes very seriously. (wink).


How They Met 

Izu: February 2013, I got a friend request on Facebook. Instead of accepting the friend request right away, I had to look through the person’s profile. You know how visual we are as guys. To be perfectly honest, I was not disappointed AT ALL…I LOVED what I was looking at. Without wasting much time, I immediately accepted the friend request and sent the person a thank you message for adding me. I don’t even know why I sent a message of gratitude but Chai what was I thinking by ruining the game and being so sentimental?? I guess God had a plan and was the one leading me so I chose to follow His lead. It’s probably a confirmation of my name “Izuchukwu” which means “The plan of God”

Amy: I got a friend request from someone early January 2013, but ignored the request. (Typical girl behavior). In February I randomly went on FB and saw the friend request I ignored still pending. I added the person and again typical girl behavior, I decided to look through the person’s profile. There was a particular picture that drew my attention. I clicked on the picture and saw someone that was tagged in the picture and upon clicking and clicking the person had a picture with a cute little girl. My love for children led me to add the person all because of the little girl. A few days later I got a message, and in the message the person was thanking me and expressing how grateful he was for adding him. Initially I thought it was weird, I was like “Who does this nowadays? Who goes out of their way to thank others?” I ignored the message and said to myself I just added you because of the little girl Biko. “Sorry Honey”

Izu: After sending her the first message and not getting a reply, I didn’t feel defeated but rather continued messaging her because I knew she was my “red snapper” and I was prepared to fish till I caught her. I knew that if I could get her to respond to my messages it would pave the way for me to start getting her attention. And yes with me being so persistent, she finally responded. Advice to my fellow guys “Don’t give up when you are not getting her attention. Sometimes all it takes it a little more effort and she will come on board.”

Amy: His persistency did pay off. I finally responded to his messages and the rest was a wrap. We talked each day nonstop. I was at work one day when he sent me the Banky W video “Say Yes or No.” I pretended like I didn’t know what he was getting at and asked him what the video meant? His response was “Amy just say Yes or No”. I will leave you guys to put two and two together and figure out what my answer was………

Izu: Don’t mind this one. After all her fronting, like she wasn’t feeling me from day one. I knew I had shot her with my Cupid arrow from the beginning. Of course she said YES.

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Amy: Soon after we started dating tragedy struck. I got the news that my grandfather had passed away in Nigeria. This left me so broken because he was the one who raised me. Izu was done with his Masters in the UK awaiting his graduation and I was in my last semester of undergrad in the US. Izu was right there encouraging me and he became the shoulder I cried on through this difficult time. I went to Nigeria with my father for the burial and ooh how God loves us all. Out of the unfortunate situation God was able to create something good. Izu was not planning on coming to Nigeria that year, but because I was going to be in Nigeria he decided to come. He showed up at a time when I needed his support the most.

Izu: When I found out she was going to be in Nigeria I knew this was the time and opportunity to let her know my plans for our future and how serious I was about us. God really had a hand and a plan in all this, because it happened that my graduation was in the same month she would be in Nigeria. A man has got to do what a man has to do, so I immediately got my ticket and right after graduation I went to Nigeria to go be with her. Upon meeting her in person I was not disappointed. “Correct Igbo Babe”.

Amy: Meeting Izu in person was quite an adventure in my mind and heart. The questions that came to mind were “What if we meet each other and there is no chemistry in person? What if both of us are uncomfortable? this may be awkward… Those “JOURNEY TO THE WEST ” thoughts disappeared immediately I met him. I was like “This one is a fine bobo.” I gave myself an imaginary pat on the back and said to myself “I have taste.” I was supposed to be in Nigeria for two weeks and my two weeks ended up becoming five weeks. See what love don do me oo.

Izu: When Amy returned to the US, that was when it hit me real hard that something was missing. I knew she was my missing 180 and with without her I couldn’t have my complete 360. I convinced her to come back to Nigeria for Christmas and I knew it was the ideal moment to seal the deal. Guys don’t delay ooh because if you can’t commit someone else will commit her for you.

Amy: I had no intention or plan to go to Nigeria for Christmas. I got an email around November for an itinerary to Nigeria from Izu. I called him and told him I needed to adjust my schedule at work and he was very cooperative about the date. Before my trip to Nigeria Izu’s friend called me and asked me for my ring size because he wanted to buy a ring for his girlfriend. Initially when he said this I told myself “who do you think you are deceiving?” but I paused and the thought that followed was, “the ring can’t be for me because we haven’t even been dating for a year.” Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to Nigeria for Christmas because on the 25th of December I was in the air. I spent my Christmas flying but my heart was at peace knowing I would soon get to be with Izu.

Izu: To be honest I was disappointed knowing she would be spending Christmas Day in the air. But it also showed how unselfish she was to make that sacrifice for us. After my friend did all the background work regarding the ring size I had less than 3 weeks to find the ideal ring and come up with the right and memorial proposal. The days seemed like minutes and I still didn’t know how or where the proposal would take place. A week before she came I just surrendered and said “God I will just go with the flow and follow your plan.” I decided not to sweat it but allow it to take place in a natural unscripted setting.

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Amy: I arrived in Nigeria on Dec 26th. A friend of mine was having her wedding on the 27th and I was determined to make it to the wedding. After Izu picked me up from the airport on the 26th, we stayed in Port Harcourt for the evening and drive to Owerri the next day to my friend’s wedding. On the morning of the 27th, I woke up very tired and my stomach was in a miserable state. I decided to use the bathroom, shower and then dress up so we can head out for the wedding. I went to the bathroom for a “colon cleansing” and when I opened the door to walk out to the bathroom, Izu was kneeling down, pouring out words of affection and sincerity I had never heard before. For a moment I thought I was dreaming. Part of me was like “Close the door. This man is inhaling the aroma from the bathroom”, the other part of me was like “Get back into the bathroom and shut the door.” Then it hit me- this is no joke!!! This is a proposal. His words were so heartwarming. I forgot all about the location and the aroma. All I could think about was how God has blessed me with such a beautiful soul. Then I heard the question” Amaechi Fidelia Nwaobi I know you are mine and I am yours WILL YOU MARRY ME?”

Izu: When she went to the bathroom, something within said “bros just get this over with. This is the time to make the move.” I was very confident until I went to kneel in front of the door. I was so nervous, I honestly don’t even remember what I said whether I spoke Greek or Latin, I was just speaking and after the ” Holy Ghost attack” AKA proposal attack/proposal tongues, I remembered that I couldn’t end without asking her the question WILL YOU MARRY ME? And Her answer was YES IZU, I WILL, in a very angelic tone.

Amy: I am so grateful to God for how far he has brought us and the support from family, friends and loved ones. Our story continues and I thank God for bringing us together. We continue to grow together and I thank you Honey for accepting me as I am because I know I can be very difficult sometimes. No matter how tough the road may look, with you by my side we are able to conquer with God as our leading man. Thank you for your caring, loving, giving, optimistic and go getter attitude from which I am learning each day. I am also grateful for your God given intelligence and dedication to our relationship. I love you dearly and I can’t wait to see what God has in store for us. Cheers to our future!

Izu: I am convinced without a doubt that Amy is my God given wife and I can’t wait for us to get married. (This will be exactly a year after my proposal). I am so honored to have you by my side. I wake up knowing God truly knew me before I was formed in my mother’s womb, and his plan for my life continues to unfold in His perfect time. I thank you Babe for your support, affection and strong personality which pushes me to be more than average. I love you and I can’t wait for us to grow old together! All I can say is “CHINEKE DALU”

Watch their wedding video below;

White Wedding

LoveweddingsNG White Wedding Amaechi5 LoveweddingsNG White Wedding Amaechi6LoveweddingsNG White Wedding Amaechi LoveweddingsNG White Wedding Amaechi3LoveweddingsNG White Wedding Amaechi2 LoveweddingsNG White Wedding Amaechi1 LoveweddingsNG White Wedding Amaechi4

Traditional Wedding

LoveweddingsNG Nigerian Traditional Wedding Amy and Izu LoveweddingsNG Nigerian Traditional Wedding Amy and Izu1

Court Wedding (Registry)

LoveweddingsNG Registry Wedding Amaechi13 LoveweddingsNG Registry Wedding Amaechi12LoveweddingsNG Registry Wedding Amaechi4 LoveweddingsNG Registry Court Wedding Amy and Izu LoveweddingsNG Registry Wedding Amaechi3 LoveweddingsNG Registry Wedding Amaechi5LoveweddingsNG Registry Wedding Amaechi8LoveweddingsNG Registry Wedding Amaechi6LoveweddingsNG Registry Wedding Amaechi9LoveweddingsNG Registry Wedding Amaechi2LoveweddingsNG Registry Wedding Amaechi7LoveweddingsNG Registry Wedding Amaechi11LoveweddingsNG Registry Wedding Amaechi1


  • Cinematography: Eve27 Films
  • Photography: 7th April Photography
  • Makeup: Beauty et al Concepts | Instagram

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