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If you follow LoveweddingsNG on Instagram, you’d recall we received a box of products from Sarayah Beauty last month. So as you probably already know, the box came with a lot of products – Breast Firming Cream, Body Milk, Body Scrub Souffle, Hydrating Body Scrubs, Face Mists and so much more. So I had to try some of them. I definitely feel like I’ve found some fab products I think brides would love. Here are a few of my favorites

Face Mists: This literally wakes your face up. I use this twice a day, in the morning and evenings immediately after taking a bath. It is really weird but it’s almost as though you can feel this product work on different layers of your skin. The box came with two face mists – one with camomile tea tree and the other with rose water and geranium. I used the mist with camomile tea tree as this was more suited for my skin type (oily/combination). The Rose water and geranium would probably work for people with dry skin.

Whipped Skin Shea Butter: I have to tell a bit of a story here; So one of my friends recently introduced me to shea butter and told me how amazing it is for your skin, hair, etc. (Of course, she’s one of these ‘natural hair people’!!!) Anyways, so I bought my first pot of organic shea butter from a local store. In fact, what I bought was labelled ‘100% African Shea Butter – Creamy’ but the first thing I didn’t like about it was the smell. I can’t really explain it but I thought to myself ‘Hell no, there’s no way I’m putting that on my skin.’ The pack even read ‘The natural scent will fade after it’s applied’. That, my friends is a huge lie; that ‘scent’ stays with you the whole day and stays on your clothes, your sheets and everything.
Sarayah Whipped Shea Butter LoveweddingsNG
Sarayah Whipped Shea Boddy Butter

The second thing I didn’t like was the texture, I had to first massage it into my palms before spreading all over my skin. In this world where 24 hours is not enough, no time for all that ‘sereren’. So I started mixing my shea butter with all sorts – you name it, I put it in – body oils, moisturizers/lotions, mists, perfume, etc but it still didn’t feel right.

So you can probably understand that when I saw this product in  my box of goodies from Sarayah Beauty, I was like ‘Hmmmm, not again’ but then I opened it, the first thing I noticed was it didn’t have the ‘shea butter’ smell so I felt better about trying it out. Second thing, the texture is just beautiful – it’s really creamy but not ‘oily’ not sure if that makes any sense. All I’m saying is you need to try this product out. Before you do, 100% African Shea Butter beside it and compare – the Whipped Shea Body Butter will win I assure you.

Body Scrubs: I hardly use body scrubs to be honest. I have loads and use them only when I remember. However, in the box, I found two textures of scrubs, which was pretty interesting. One of them was the typical ‘grainy’ scrub and the other had the same texture of a body lotion. The scrubs I got were the

  • Hydrating body scrub with coconut oil
  • Smoothie body scrub with raspberry (this had real fruit seeds in it) 🙂
  • Cellulite and stretchmark caffeine scrub with white chocolate and
  • Luxurious scrub with lavender
  • Luxurious scrub with ylang ylang
  • Skin scrub soufflé with peaches and cream  (one of the lotion – textured scrubs)

Sarayah Beauty LoveweddingsNG1

I used the Cellulite and Stretchmark Caffeine scrub with white chocolate. This product smells so so good, if you’re not careful you just might be tempted to taste some of it. And I loved the fact that even after rinsing the product off, the smell stays with you.

Sarayah also sent me their luxurious scrub with lavender but warned me that it was extremely sedative so I didn’t try it only because I can’t afford to pass out right now with my long ‘To-Do list’ at the moment but I’d definitely be trying this product out once I get a bit of time to chill and get some extra sleep, which I definitely need. But if you’re a bride who needs a break from wedding planning especially before your big day, it would be a good idea to try this product out, don’t try it the night before your wedding though, maybe 2 days before.

Breast Firming Cream – I must admit I didn’t use this product; I ended up giving it to a friend. However, one thing I did notice and was extremely impressed by was the fact that it had no fragrance (for obvious reasons) but at the same time it had a very natural smell. I just felt like a lot of thought went into the fact that this product could potentially be used by nursing mothers.

What I loved the most about the products from Sarayah was that they are handmade but yet they have a shelf life of a year so you can stock up for a bit. I like stocking up on skin care products because I hate running out of them so it’s good that you have that option. Sarayah is a UK based company but they also ship products to Nigeria (Lagos and Abuja) monthly so all our Nigerian brides, you can still get your hands on them.

You can check out the entire range of Sarayah Beauty products by visiting their website. You can also follow Sarayah Beauty on Instagram

As promised, I’d love to giveaway some products so click HERE to find out how to win.

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