LoveweddingsNG presents Sumayya & Kabir… 6 Years After A Text from a Stranger

LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Sumayya and Kabir

Sumayya Al-Mansur and Kabir Usman are set to get married in July 2015 and they shared their story and prewedding pictures with us.


Our love story is not really the ‘awwwww’ type I guess but what makes it special to me is because Kabeer is my bestfriend, yes and we are literally obsessed with each other.

We met six years ago through a mutual friend. Ok, I forgot to mention he is an officer yeah and a gentleman indeed. He was in the NDA (Nigerian Defense Academy) at the time ‎and a friend of mine, who was also in the NDA just felt we were a good match so he gave Kabeer my number without telling me.

On the 27th of May of the same year, I got the first text message from that stranger who is now my ‘best-half’. After the usual girly attitude, we became friends; he was really a persistent and patient soul, so went from being friends to very good friends and then we became best friends. Amidst our friendship, we found love because sincerely there was no clear cut line – you just have to fall in love with that guy you talk with over the phone for 6 years every single day. He is a really wonderful person, he is the kind of person that makes you teary just thinking about him; he is imperfectly so perfect. I bet you he is the only uniformed man that laughs without thinking about it. Okay, let me not bore you; I could go on and on.

In my culture, we don’t really do the ring thing, I already knew it just had to be him so he saw my dad and from the first visit my dad fell in love with him, even though he is the strict type. There’s just something about this officer of mine which can’t be explained. Finally our journey of six years would end for a new chapter on the 31st of July 2015. Our wedding would be celebrated in Jos and Kaduna.

LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Sumayya and Kabir LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Sumayya and Kabir1 LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Sumayya and Kabir3LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Sumayya and Kabir2LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Sumayya and Kabir4LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Sumayya and Kabeer3 LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Sumayya and Kabeer6 LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Sumayya and Kabeer4 LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Sumayya and Kabeer2 LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Sumayya and Kabeer1 LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Sumayya and Kabir6 LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Sumayya and Kabir5LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Sumayya and Kabeer LoveweddingsNG Prewedding Sumayya and Kabeer5


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