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Will You Be My Groomsman?

LoveweddingsNG Groomsman3

So, you’re engaged and you’re planning a wedding… For most people, you’re starting to trim down your list of potential groomsmen. Whatever your criteria for choosing your groomsmen, we have a few ideas to share on how you can creatively ask them to be a key part of your big day.

Send a bottle of JD (Jack Daniels)

LoveweddingsNG Groomsman1


Cuff links

LoveweddingsNG Groomsman


LoveweddingsNG Will You Be My Groomsman7

Send a gift box with lots of goodies 

will-you-be-my-groomsman-inspiration-loveweddingsng-1LoveweddingsNG Groomsman4will-you-be-my-groomsman-inspiration-loveweddingsng

Send a card

LoveweddingsNG Groomsman3

LoveweddingsNG Groomsman2

LoveweddingsNG Will You Be My Groomsman5

LoveweddingsNG Will You Be My Groomsman2 LoveweddingsNG Will You Be My Groomsman

Send a bow-tie

 LoveweddingsNG Will You Be My Groomsman4 LoveweddingsNG Will You Be My Groomsman3

A custom card with a cigar


LoveweddingsNG Will You Be My Groomsman8

LoveweddingsNG Will You Be My Groomsman1

Source: Instagram.com/groominspiration

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