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Kayode & Eniola got married on the 10th of September, 2016 in Abeokuta. Their wedding was planned by TrendyBEE Events. The groom shared the sweet story of how they met on their wedding website. Read below;

How we Met (by the Groom)

During one of my fun and rejuvenating Christmas trips to Nigeria, I was invited to this house party by my friends – Seun and Bolaji.

As the party got underway, I noticed this young, innocent, but confident looking lady in a shinny black dress dancing away in the corner. As you do, I inquired about her through my vicious friend Seun, who told me her name was Eniola and reluctantly gave me the go ahead to speak to her. Even though I knew I couldn’t possibly put two feet together to match this refreshing young woman’s dancing skills, I surged ahead to try to dance with her anyway.


I introduced myself and we had a brief chat that blew me away even further. Her demeanor, bested only by her beauty. Her beauty, matched only by her “Clintonesque” ability to hold a conversation without the usual front. It got more interesting when I realised that my friend Bolaji was close to her sister and was organising a night out bowling the next day!!! I invited myself over as I wasn’t going to pass on the opportunity to get to know Eniola more. I turned up early obviously (first time I had been early to anything) and we had a very good chat, at least in my opinion. I discovered that she lived in London too and we exchanged numbers (until I realised that she gave me her second number, which she didn’t really answer lol). We lost contact for some time but ever since I took her out for her 21st birthday, we have never looked back.

I truly am someone whom God has been faithful to despite my shortcomings. I could never have picked a better woman, given the choice. God chose for me this complete woman and from that day when she took my gaze and the gaze of most other guys at that party, I knew she was something special.


The day I decided that she was going to be my wife was a low day for me. I was in a sick bed quarantined because of malaria!!! She did her duty beyond what even I could ever have asked of her.

Incredibly, God placed upon us two very distinct judges of human action – history and conscience. People live with their consciences, and history will always remain palpable. My conscience has chosen a woman whom the kindness of her heart knows no bounds and for my history to remain palpable, I must till the end of time continue to adore her. I love you Eniola – with every ounce of blood that flows through me.

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White Wedding 

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Traditional Wedding

nigerian-traditional-bride-the-quadrys-2016-trendybee-events-loveweddingsng nigerian-traditional-bride-and-asoebi-girls-the-quadrys-2016-trendybee-events-loveweddingsng nigerian-traditional-bride-and-asoebi-girls-dancing-the-quadrys-2016-trendybee-events-loveweddingsng nigerian-traditional-wedding-the-quadrys-2016-trendybee-events-loveweddingsng-1 nigerian-traditional-wedding-the-quadrys-2016-trendybee-events-loveweddingsng



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