Wonu’s Sex And The City Themed Bridal Shower | Partito by Ronnie


Nigerian bride-to-be Wonu had a fabulous surprise Sex and The City themed bridal shower planned by her sister – Jola & Partito by Ronnie.

The decor featured quotes from Sex and the City on the tables and pictures of Wonu with each of her friends dangling from the ceiling! There was also a backdrop displaying pictures of Wonu from when she was still a toddler to date.

See pictures below;

nigerian-sex-and-the-city-themed-bridal-shower-partito-by-ronnie-loveweddingsngnigerian-sex-and-the-city-themed-surprise-bridal-shower-partito-by-ronnie-loveweddingsng-2nigerian-sex-and-the-city-themed-surprise-bridal-shower-partito-by-ronnie-loveweddingsng-1 nigerian-sex-and-the-city-themed-surprise-bridal-shower-partito-by-ronnie-loveweddingsngnigerian-sex-and-the-city-themed-bridal-shower-cake-partito-by-ronnie-loveweddingsngnigerian-sex-and-the-city-themed-bridal-shower-partito-by-ronnie-loveweddingsng-9 nigerian-sex-and-the-city-themed-bridal-shower-partito-by-ronnie-loveweddingsng-12 nigerian-sex-and-the-city-themed-bridal-shower-partito-by-ronnie-loveweddingsng-13nigerian-sex-and-the-city-themed-bridal-shower-partito-by-ronnie-loveweddingsng-8 nigerian-sex-and-the-city-themed-bridal-shower-partito-by-ronnie-loveweddingsng-7 nigerian-sex-and-the-city-themed-bridal-shower-partito-by-ronnie-loveweddingsng-6 nigerian-sex-and-the-city-themed-bridal-shower-partito-by-ronnie-loveweddingsng-10 nigerian-sex-and-the-city-themed-bridal-shower-partito-by-ronnie-loveweddingsng-11

About Partito By Ronnie

Partito by Ronnie Themed Bridal Showers LoveweddingsNG

Partito By Ronnie is an events planning company involved in party co-ordination and decoration for small-sized events. Partito by Ronnie specializes in themed parties for various events such as bridal shower, baby showers, kids parties, graduation parties and so much more. You can get in touch with Partito by Ronnie by calling 08167461941, 07054049285 or sending a mail to partitobyronnie@yahoo.com, partitobyronnie@gmail.com. You can also follow @partitobyronnie on Instagram and like their Facebook page.


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