Black Opal Nigeria Beauty Campaign 2016: Meet the top 10


Following the call for entries to star in the next Black Opal Nigeria campaign shoot, the organisers received an overwhelming number of entries. Twenty beauties were selected to undergo a social media vote of which ten with the highest number of likes on the @blackopalnigeria Instagram page were chosen to attend the casting day at Ayo Van Elmar Fashion Cafe, Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island. Lagos.

At the end of the casting day, one winner will be selected to feature alongside two beauty muses in the new Black Opal campaign shoot. She will also experience an afternoon of transformation, photographed by Emmanuel Oyeleke and what’s more? The winner will also be featured on the cover of BeautyBox Magazine’s December edition.

Meet the judges


  • Emmanuel Oyeleke – Renowned Beauty photographer and Creative Director at Emmanuel Oyeleke Photography (EOP) Studios.
  • Lillian Paul – Renowned Lagos based make up artist, beauty consultant and Black Opal Ambassador.
  • Lola Maja – One of Nigeria’s top special effects (SFX) make up artists and renowned beauty expert.
  • Isio Dela-vega – Top model and interior designer.
  • Onah Nwachukwu –A seasoned journalist in the fashion and lifestyle industry; she is the Group Editor-in-Chief of True Tales Publications, whose mainstay magazines include BeautyBox, Complete Fashion and HINTS. She has also been the Editor of International celebrity and lifestyle magazine, HELLO Nigeria.

Meet the top 10 beauties

Beauty is happiness. Beauty is confidence. It is the images that inspire the distinct attractiveness of our souls
Beauty they say “is in eyes of the beholder”, I would interpret this to mean, people perceive beauty in ways it appeals to their pleasure or satisfaction. For me, beauty is the first person I come in contact with, either by looks, appearance or utterance. Beauty is what attracts me to a thing or a person and holds me captive. Beauty is what makes me appreciative of you. If you are beautiful it radiates all over. I dare say, I am beautiful.
For me, beauty means: Embracing your personality which includes who you are as a person, shape, aesthetics , form , skin color and allowing it to shine through on the outside by being confident in your body simply because people can’t see what’s on the inside.
Beauty to me is confidence. Accepting you are human first and have flawless but embracing them and shielding from negativity without pulling another human down.
Everyone has a different definition of the word ‘beauty’.But to me,beauty isn’t all about having an attractive outward appearance or having a pretty face . It’s a lot more than fact inner beauty is more valuable. True beauty is about discipline ,wisdom,peace, happiness with one’s self and the ability to make people very much comfortable around you.
I define beauty as a warm smile, a kind heart, a forgiving spirit, and a selfless soul shinning in a dark era.
I believe beauty has a whole lot more to it than just how you look. I see beauty as being self confident, being comfortable in your own skin, being happy. It’s how you portray your self wherever you are. Having a constant positive outlook in life; not just on your situation but on others as well. Genuine beauty to me has a lot to do with how you treat others, treating others with care and love, supporting others. This is my definition of beauty. Thank you
To me beauty is from the heart, I get attracted to people with good hearts.
I am imperfect, permanently and inevitably flawed. I am beautiful.
I would define beauty as happiness…it comes from within it’s not what you look like…beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Please note: Winners based outside Lagos must make themselves available to shoot in November and must not be currently be affiliated with any cosmetics brand.

The Black Opal Nigeria beauty campaign is proudly supported by: LoveWeddingsNG, BeautyBox Magazine, Complete Fashion Magazine, Genevieve Magazine, Kamdora, Exquisite Magazine, Aweni Organics, RnR Luxury, Beautifully Nappy, Tori Ara, Youtopia Beauty, My Nubian roots, Roses and Thorns Fashion Company, Gbenga Artsmith, Mai Atafo, Ayo Van Elmar, Arcadia Mobile TV.

This campaign is brought to you by SoMe Solutions.


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