“Amaka is my wife of destiny” – Oba | Diko Photography


Amaka & Oba grew from being phone buddies to great friends, prayer partners and lovers. Their wedding is being planned by 3003 Events. The bride shared their story and pictures from their pre-wedding shoot with Diko Photography with us.


Oba and I met a year and four months after we were introduced to each other by his cousin. After our first conversation over the phone, I thought he was someone I probably will never get to speak to again. Fortunately for us, it all played out differently. We gradually grew from being phone buddies to becoming great friends and then, prayer partners. Today, I believe we are destined to be together.

Saying “Yes” to Oba was one of the easiest decisions I ever had to make. I had a man with the sweetest soul ever drop on one knee at his birthday dinner to reel off reasons why he was convinced that I was his “wife of destiny” who will stand by him to mark many more milestones on his pathway through life. What started off as a birthday dinner for him turned out to be the night that marked the beginning of our journey to becoming man and wife.

I asked God for a man who is “good” in every sense of the word – a man of prayer, love, honor and integrity. Oba is all that and more! We are blessed to have each other and can’t wait to begin this beautiful journey of fulfilling destiny together.

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