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Let’s talk Traditional Bridal Hand Fans | Feathered, Coloured, Peacock & More

The hand fan has always been an accessory that African brides and particularly Nigerian brides always have with them at the traditional wedding ceremony. It’s not just a fashion accessory to complete the bridal look, the hand fan or abebe as its popularly called, comes in handy after the bride shows off her moves on the dance floor.

The hand fan has evolved over the years and there are now so many variations of hand fan’s so if you’re looking for some inspiration, this post will help you.

Back in the days

White, Beaded & Feathered

Feathered but coloured

Proud like a Peacock: Peacock traditional hand fans were on our list of 2017 Nigerian wedding trends. It felt as though someone issued a peacock memo, which we’re proud to say we didn’t miss. See some brides who chose this as an accessory as they said ‘I Do’ at their traditional wedding.

Picture credits: Instagram | Pinterest


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