10 Fashion Forward African brides we’ve spotted since 2018

In 2018, we saw a lot of brides stand out in style in their stunning bridal outfits. From January all the way to December, we spotted so many brides who dared to be different; from Yolanda Okereke from #BaraandBambi, Salewa from #ForeverSNO, Abibi from #HappilyEverAbbe, Banke from #TBanks2018 and more; here are some brides whose style made us take a second look. 


Salewa from #ForeverSNO in J’Aton Couture

Banke from #TBanks2018 in April by Kunbi

Ayo from #AANovember in AloNuko

Keisha in Zola Keller 

Nowe from #CupidsMasterPiece in April by Kunbi

Oyetomiwa from #TheMullars17: Yes a 2017 wedding but their wedding held very late into 2017 so we’ve cheated a little bit and added it to this 2018 list (sue us!)  

Abibi from #HappilyEverAbbe in Abibi Bridal


Yolanda from #BaraandBambi in Mai Atafo

Mrs Olekah for #AK4Eva

Kemi from #TheKSUnion

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