Ayomipo & Tobiloba’s intimate surprise proposal | #ATLoveStory

Nigerian couple, Ayomipo & Tobiloba got engaged recently and the video from their intimate proposal planned by @ekooplanner went viral on our page. Watch it below in case you missed it.

We caught up with the couple, who shared their love story and pictures from their proposal. It’s the #ATLoveStory. Enjoy!

Our love story started in August 2018, I saw his picture on a mutual friend’s status. I started to tease her about how cute he looked and she took it up and said we meet must meet one another saying he is very single and calm.

At that time, I was still nursing a heartbreak, so I told my best friend about the guy I saw on our mutual friend’s status and that I was not interested in him (I was only joking), she told me to tell the mutual friend that I was not interested but out of respect for her, I didn’t because I knew she really wanted me to move on after my heartbreak experience.

Our mutual friend had already informed him about me and he kept pestering her to hook us up. After a month, I got a message from him saying he wanted to know if I was free for a call. I saw the message and hissed because I was on a terrible date and I was not in the mood for any other dates.

Fast forward to the Sunday after my terrible date I went to bed so sad and depressed like why can’t I get a good man. I woke up feeling better and his call came in…. I remember telling him that he was very lucky and that I was in a good mood, we laughed about it and spoke for over 2 hours. From our first phone conversation, we moved from that phone call to WhatsApp and I saw his picture; he was the total opposite of my dream man. I had informed my friends that I was going to date him for only two weeks as per I was not interested in the opposite of my spec but he knew what he wanted and he held it down for us.

We met for the first time and I asked him if this was a short time relationship or if it was something else based on I didn’t want to even date him and he said he wanted us forever.

We are 2 years into loving each other and it has been beautiful and a great healing process for me. He popped the question on the 4th of July, 2020 and I said YES!!!

I am on the journey to becoming Mrs. A


  • Bride to be: @ayormeepo
  • Groom: @codedtee
  • Planner: @ekooplanner
  • Decor: @proposalbells
  • Photography: @mamahstudios
  • Cake: @bakeryboulevard
  • Cocktail: @eventicocktails
  • Caterer: @reyscarte_
  • Furniture: @thepartyrentalstation
  • Card Design: @thegadgettailor
  • Ring: @bozjewelry


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