How Nneoma found her Edo husband, Osaze | #ItsON

Nneoma & Osaze’s love story is special! Their journey started when Nneoma stopped to say hi to her friend and a stranger. The couple got engaged recently; the proposal was planned by LH Events who shared how a living room was transformed for this event. Wonu from LH Events shared;


Its been beautiful knowing and mildly being a part of your love story.

Osaze is one of my acquired brothers from back in the dayzzz. A loyal one at that. He had called 2 weeks ago with an unknown number enquiring about our proposal package. I had asked him to please send a Whatsapp message with things that were key for his bride-to-be. Knowing i’d catch him via Whatsapp, he confessed; its me Osaze!! ?
I was elated firstly, about officially acquiring a sister and also being the one to give her the dream proposal.

We got to work and in two days. produced a detailed mood board of what we had envisioned for this day. Osaze fell in love with it at first sight and execution was what was left. We brought on the best hands for this of course!!!

Thank you to the entire team for interpreting the brief exactly how we envisioned it!! #ItsON !!

Read Nneoma and Osaze’s love story and see pictures from their beautiful intimate proposal by BLawz Studios

How we met

The year was 2010. I was walking home from my best friend’s house, which was basically on the next street. He was standing in front of his house with a mutual friend who lived around the area as well. I stopped to say hi to my friend and the stranger who introduced himself as Osaze.

He said he liked my laugh, we exchanged numbers, and then I was on my way. I had a huge crush and I remember telling my brother and a few friends that I had found an Edo husband (I was only 17, talk about jumping the gun!)

Over the course of the next few weeks, we texted and hung out a couple of times. The night before he was off to Uni in England, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. After a couple of months, we ended things because long distance was well…. LONG. We saw other people over the years but we always kept in touch. Whenever he was in town, he’d reach out and we’d hang out.

In 2015, he had just completed his NYSC program and was back in Lagos and I was done with Uni as well. We were both just home at the time, fielding job offers. Seeing as we lived close to each other, we spent all our days together and on the weekends, we’d attend functions together. We were basically dating again, but we were still in denial. We’d always say we were each other’s Sidekick.

Later in 2015, he asked me to be his girlfriend again and I said yes, the second time.


The Proposal

I knew I was going to propose since 2019. I mean, I had met her parents to declare my intentions exactly a year ago. However, I was waiting for the right time considering the long-distance situation. I hit up a mutual friend who also happens to be an amazing events planner. At first I didn’t say who I was to Wonu of LH events but I couldn’t escape sending a message on Whatsapp. I knew that message was going to cast my identity, so I came clean and she was super excited to do it,  “I want to burst Nneoma’s head” she said.

Fast forward to the weekend of the proposal, everything just seemed right, and all the plans I had in my head were coming together nicely. Thing is however I planned it in my head, the occasion happened better than I expected it to.


We were talking over the phone when he said he was right in front of my house. He had managed to sneak into town via Edo airways (inside joke!). That was the first part of the surprise. He said there was a games night happening at a friend’s place. The whole time he was being super weird and nervous so I kind of knew something was up. I decided not to push further because I also kind of wanted to be surprised you know.

On the day of the proposal, we got to the location of the games night and he was walking really slowly and so I went ahead of him. I got into the house and I noticed the pink petals first, I looked up and saw the pictures of us hanging from the ceiling. Then I heard the song – Howling by RY x (I always said I wanted that song played at my wedding). I walked farther into the room and saw my friends and family wearing masks the COVID way and pointing their cameras at me.

They led me to the most beautiful setup with ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME?’ written boldly. He got on one knee and asked if I’d marry him and I said yes.

Clearly, the third time is the charm and now #itsON.



  • Planner: @lh_events
  • Decorator: @ornatebyetal
  • Grills: @gidigrillzng
  • Photography: @blawzstudios
  • Videographer: @thegalleryng


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