Meet UK’s finest dancing wedding planner, Elsie of Events on Wheels

Elsie Ofulue is the Events Director and Chief Energy Officer for Events on Wheels (aka EoW. Planner), UK-based Finest Dancing and Energy Wedding Planner.

Events on Wheels is a leading wedding and specialist events consultant providing a variety of bespoke wedding planning and event services for the UK and beyond. In addition to being two-time finalists at the UK African Wedding Awards, they were named by as one of the top black wedding planners to have on your radar and are also members of several prestigious wedding governing bodies. Events on Wheels create an experience that is unique to you and guaranteed to leave a lasting impression.

Elsie is happily married and a mum to four gorgeous kids which comprises of a set of twin girls, a singleton daughter and a son.

My alarm goes off at 5.30am daily

Describe a typical day at work… On the day of an event, I would wake up and get ready to head to my bride’s location. It’s a standard for me to ensure I have my bride in the most calming mood possible, help them get ready if needed, pray with them and send them off to get married. I then go off to join the team who are on other hand already onsite as they have a blueprint of the day. We have a quick debrief as a team to make sure everyone’s on the same page. Then we go into full work mode going above and beyond and doing everything possible to make sure our couple have the best wedding day ever.

Your brand in three words… Exuberance! Efficient! Excellence!

The part of my job I enjoy the most… Bringing each client’s vision to life, seeing them and their guests happy on the day whilst building sustainable relationships that translate beyond their events.

What’s the most difficult part of your job… Nothing can be attributed to being difficult. We love our job and face each challenge head-on as our eyes are set on a goal which is taking our clients to that place of happy ever after. There’s always a way and so we focus on being solution-oriented!

My biggest accomplishment to date… Every time we take yet another couple to that place of happy ever after is a huge accomplishment.

One quality every wedding vendor must have and why? Integrity! You have to live it every day, it should be part of who you are and be evidenced in your interaction. It will take you far!!

What’s the best souvenir you’ve gone home with from a wedding you’ve attended/worked at? I think its weirdly a fancy pair of slippers that one of our clients had given us. It wasn’t the usual flip flop. Love it so much its ended being part of my event day suitcase 😌

Where do you see the wedding industry in 5 years? With lessons learnt from 2020, I see the industry bouncing back with lots of innovation like never before

Your thoughts on social media? It’s important, lots to learn from it so we are embracing it one platform at a time

Your top wedding planning tip(s) for couples… Book the vendors you connect with. You will be spending a chunk of time on your wedding day/ planning process with these vendors so it’s important you have the right energy. It’s not always about the hype but more about the connections.

An interesting fact about you… Outside Events on Wheels, I’m a Vice President, Internal Communications for one of the leading investment banks in the UK and I also co-pastor a church alongside my husband

Most embarrassing/awkward experience… Not had many awkward experiences but there’s an incident that I still shudder when I think of it. So I was caught in a crossfire between two opposing mums (Mother of the bride / Mother of the groom). Each one wanted to book our service for the couple’s wedding but no one wanted the credit of getting the planner to be attributed to the other (Sounds crazy right). Well having me on your team should always be a thing of joy not dispute so we turned down the offer of being a part of that event whilst wishing them all the best hoping they came to a resolution.

What makes you laugh? To be honest, many things make me laugh as I have been blessed with a great sense of humour.

Does anything scare you? Nope. I completely trust God.

In my spare time, You will most likely catch me dancing with the kids

Where do you feel most at home? Definitely in my home with my husband and kids

Best piece of advice… My mum used to tell me ‘Remember the child of whom you are’. This piece of advice has guided me. So while I remember I am her child most importantly I always remember I am a child of God and this means for me – Integrity, Trust, Diligence, Discipline, Honesty, and Excellence in all things. I have passed on same advice to my kids.

Your favourite emoji 😂😂 The laughter one on Whatsapp that slants. I send it two at a time

What would we find on your bedside table? Currently, you will find baby nappies, wipes, baby oil, and my phone

What songs are currently on replay?

  • Warm Embrace by Called Out Music ( Literally every song by him is on replay)
  • You I live for by Moses Bliss
  • Bigger by Moses Bliss
  • Jehovah by Testimony Jaga
  • Your Love by Limo Blaze

What was the last book you read? The Power of Your Mind by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Your favourite movie… I actually don’t have one

Favourite food… Beans

What’s your favourite item of clothing? Anything and everything I can be comfortable in. not anything I have to constantly keep pulling or tuging at

Call or Text? Call. Love having a conversation but can use text to reiterate

Cook or Be Cooked For? Definitely to be cooked for

3 Guests For Dinner, who would they be? I’ve got a big family already so doubt I can take three people so here’s two for now

  • Called Out Music – What a Blessing kids are huge fans too
  • Funke Bucknor Obruthe – We will probably dance all through dinner to Called Out Music tunes
  • If I can truly squeeze in a third one at my house, it would be Ibukun Awosika, An identifiable Christian Business Woman

2021 will be … the year to have an even deeper relationship with God. Those who know their God shall be strong and do exploits.

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