Have we outgrown wedding hashtags?

Wedding hashtags have become increasingly popular in recent years, and they can be a great way to help your guests share photos and memories from your special day on social media. While wedding hashtags are great, there are some potential drawbacks to consider. If you’ve ever wondered why wedding hashtags may not be a great option for you, check out the points below.

Not all guests may use your wedding hashtag

While many of your guests may be familiar with hashtags and use them regularly on social media, some may not be as tech-savvy or may simply forget to use the designated hashtag. This can mean that some of your photos and memories may not be collected under the same hashtag, making it harder to keep track of all the photos and posts related to your wedding. In essence, your pictures may just be floating about on someone’s social media feed and you may never see it.

Overcrowding of the wedding hashtag

This issue is quite common, particularly for celebrity weddings; brands and marketers often jump on trending wedding hashtags to sell a product or service. This often leads to wedding hashtags becoming overcrowded very quickly. To put this into context, as at the time of writing this article, #AChocolateLoveStory, the wedding hashtag for Nollywood actress Ini Dima-Okojie and Abasi had over 20,000 posts on Instagram. All the recent posts we found under this wedding hashtag simply showed images of fabric posted by a fabric merchant.

If your wedding hashtag is also common or too simple, it may be used by other people who are not actually attending your wedding, which will make it harder to find the photos and posts related specifically to your wedding. Additionally, some guests may use other hashtags along with the designated one, further complicating the search for all the wedding-related content.

Privacy concerns

Using a wedding hashtag means that your wedding photos and memories will be shared on social media, which can raise privacy concerns. Some guests may not be comfortable with their photos being shared publicly, and you may want to consider asking for their permission before sharing any photos that include them.

Time-consuming to manage

Managing a wedding hashtag can be time-consuming, especially if you want to collect and share all the photos and posts related to your wedding. You may need to constantly monitor social media platforms, respond to comments, and curate the content to ensure that it reflects your wedding celebration accurately. This can be challenging, especially if you have a large number of guests or a lot of content to sift through.

While wedding hashtags can be a fun and convenient way to collect and share memories from your special day, they also have some potential drawbacks to consider. If you do decide to use a wedding hashtag, make sure to choose a unique and memorable one, communicate it clearly to your guests, and be prepared to manage it effectively.


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