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Kehinde & Ife shared their love story and pictures from their wedding via their photographer, ASquare Studios with us. Read how they got attracted to each other, went their separate ways but ended up coming together to start their forever journey. Enjoy!

Our love story

It was a great day in 2014 when I had a visit back to my alma matter (Adekunle Ajasin University). While at a restaurant, a friend of mine invited this young pretty lady out for dinner and this was the first day I set my eyes on this beaut. I was lucky enough to see her again the next day at the school gate, I hardly recognize people but for unexplained reasons, I recognized her. I said Hi, she responded but didn’t stop for a further conversation.

Fast forward to 2016 when I was in South Africa… While in search of those babes to tell IJGB, I was so lucky to find her page on IG while people were posting to celebrate her on her birthday. The day after, I sent her belated birthday wishes and she responded with “tanxs a lot“ and then came my line “You look so familiar can’t really figure where we met. Have we met before?” Then she responded “maybe in school”. Then I told her I graduated from the school. After a few hours of chatting, I asked for her BBM PIN, then the day and night convos continued until I came back in May 2017.

At the time, there was no way I could see her as I lived in Abuja and she lived with her parents in Akure. She couldn’t travel to Abuja as she was home due to school being on strike. Our convo started getting tiring as we could not see even after I had been in Nigeria for over a few months… and then school resumed. Fortunately, I had to visit the school and this visit was going to last a few months so I reignited our convo again and asked for a friendly meeting.

After meeting a few times, she told me she was in a long distance relationship with someone who I happened to know very well (my school son while I was in secondary school) and she also told me how the person was with someone for an explainable reason. It was obvious she was not happy and needed something better but at that time, I knew I couldn’t give her what she wanted so I laid back to make this obvious. However, she said I always had a way to take away her unhappy mood just by being me and being sincere. She was falling for me which led to a question “do you love me?

She asked me in October after being around me for a month, so I told her “time will tell” even though at this time, I didn’t have a girlfriend but I wasn’t sure I could date her as she was my school son’s girlfriend. After a while, the thought crossed my mind… “she is a good, pretty, young, brilliant and intelligent lady so why not” but I shut down that thought. After about four months of being around, I had to go back to Abuja. We made plans for her to visit but this didn’t happen.

Someday in October 2018, after almost a year of no contact and while I was doing an “ask me a question” on Instagram session, she asked if I loved her. Again my response didn’t change “only time will tell” but I was over the whole feeling then but I still remembered the old times and didn’t want to hurt her feelings because I know she had loved me since we met in September 2017. I still didn’t have a girlfriend. The convo ended again until the early months of 2019. I guessed she was in a great relationship at the time as I was in Lagos and I saw her post some pictures from a visit to the beach and then contacted her asking if we could see again as it had been a while but she turned me down and asked me never to contact her again so I did as she said. However, she contacted me again in November but this time, I was already in a relationship. She asked and I told her I was in a relationship and so we just had some random conversation and she hung up the call.

In January 2020, she contacted me again to say ‘hi’; in March 2020, she contacted me again and this time asked for my phone number. I sent it and she called almost immediately to ask about my girlfriend, I said “she is fine” and we joked about me marking Valentines Day with my girlfriend in Ghana, she also talked about how good it will be to see again, I agreed with her on that and said COVID is making her remember me. So we began to talk often but I always made it clear to her that I was in a relationship. We agreed to meet and so I booked her flight ticket for July 2020 but she could not fly on the planned day as Ibadan airport was not open yet so we had to postpone the trip until the airport opened.

When it opened in August 2020, we rescheduled and fortunately she was meant to have a job interview around the same period so she came over and attended the interview the next day. She came back home with the good news that she had been asked to resume immediately and this was where the challenge begun. We only agreed initially that she would stay for a week but now that she had a job with a minimum contract period of a month, I asked how she planned to go about it and she said she had no idea but would work things out. After a few days, she asked if she can move in with someone she met at work and I was not comfortable with this plan so I said she should stay one more week. When this second week was over, I noticed she was not happy and was crying deep in her heart and because I care about her so much, I told her some words I am not proud to say here and she said she will cope.

And this is how she stayed in my house for about three months and within these three months, there was nothing she didn’t learn about my life. I still find it funny till now how when my girlfriend at the time came over for the weekend, she could not step out of her room all through that weekend because she was scared. We talked about everything even about the manner of female friends that come around. Then after three months, she was able to save up for her own apartment as I didn’t let her spend much out of her salary by making sure everything she needed was paid for. I was also moving to my own house which had fewer rooms so I let her have everything in the room she stayed in while she was with me and I asked her to take everything in my kitchen as I was changing everything. Did I mention I was in a long distant relationship and that’s why it was easy to have her stay for that long.

Fast forward to December when my ex came into town to visit but it ended awfully then we broke up. My now wife was away to spend the holiday with her parents so I didn’t tell her anything until she came back. After breaking the news to her, I noticed how unhappy and worried she was about me, I told her I was good and not worried but she kept trying to make me feel good and tried to see if there was anything she could do to make myself and my ex work again. I made her realize reasons why nothing could be done. Her attitude and worry about me during this period made me revisit my feelings about her and this was the time I think I could say I was in love with her.

I find everything she has been doing soothing and perfect for me; this is the kind of lady I want and I took my decision to start a forever journey with her. In less than a month, we legalized. I always say my woman is a scarce entity in this 21st Century, she is not a 21st century kind of woman. My wife is a cool, calm, well cultured, beautiful, respectful, appreciative, disciplined, brilliant and intelligent woman. 


  • Bride: @mz_kennie
  • Groom: @d.lastofmykind
  • Photography: @asquarestudios
  • Cinematographer: @atopepeters
  • Makeup Artist: @mo_beautyfaces
  • Hair stylist: @zerabeauty__ 
  • Decorator: @adonai_events
  • Special effects: @adonai_events
  • Special lighting: @adonai_events
  • Cake: 
  • Accessories: @lacharme_collections
  • Ushers: @events_byjnifty 
  • Bouncers: @events_byjnifty 
  • Cocktails / Fingerfoods: @boo_bliss
  • Grills: @boo_bliss
  • After-party: @theafterpartycompany
  • Palm wine: @elemu_igbalode 
  • DJ: @iamdjkaycee 
  • MC: @officialarole
  • Caterer: @simtekcatering 
  • Accessories: @lacharme_collections
  • After party cup & props: @afterpartyprops
  • After party company: @theafterpartycompany
  • Palm wine: @elemu_igbalode 
  • Shoes & clutch: @jniftyboutique 
  • Musical band: @trinitybandofficial
  • Chilling company: @tees_chillingservices


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