Why you need a wedding planning team in 2023 & beyond!

Planning a wedding on event? You’ll agree with us that having a wedding/event planner makes a difference. However, it’s not just enough to have a planner, you need one with a planning team. We caught up with Nigerian event planner, Chioma Peters, who’s also the lead planner of Nigerian wedding & event planning & ushering services, Aries Usherettes And Events on the importance of hiring an event planner with a team in 2023 and beyond. Enjoy!

Have you ever been to a market? I’m sure we all have, whether it’s the farmers market or the local market. You know how chaotic a market can be; the noise, movement, dirt, disorientation, and more. That’s what happens when your event isn’t well coordinated or well organised. And this happens often when couples choose not to engage the services of an expert planner and her wedding planning team.

I remember a newlywed who got married and they described their wedding as chaotic, and not so organised because they left the planning and organisation for family to handle because their families insisted.

Having started a registered event business in 2013, which focused on offering ushering services and coordinating on the day of the event, we moved on to diversifying into planning weddings and other types of event from 2015 onwards. I can tell you for free that the importance of having a wedding or event planner cannot be overemphasised. 

There is no way you can be the star or focus of the day, plan the event, and then try to focus on how coordinated the event will turn out weeks to the event, on the day of the event, and post the event. You also can’t leave it to chance and say, family will do it. This might just lead to a breakdown and loss of information, chaos and family feud.

From my point of view as the Lead planner of Aries Usherettes And Events, here are 7 reasons why you need a wedding & event planner and her team.

  1. An event planner has the experience you need to bring that dream or vision of your big day to reality, executing it to perfection. 
  2. The bride needs someone on their side giving them advice, listening ears and making sure they manage their budget. A lot of times, I feel like a bank manager lol… I’m managing the budget, giving advice on what to spend on, giving cautionary advice, and reports on the budget. 
  3. A planner is the expert who can help you get a great location for you event, at a great cost. Also, they help you get vendors who are like minded, who will do their best in ensuring the wedding is a success. 
  4. If this is the first time you’re getting married, it’s highly likely that you do not understand the cost implications, the steps to take, the execution processes and other things. It’s the role of your planner to educate you on the cost of things while giving you a range because prices and processes can vary.
  5. There are a lot of misconceptions about planners. Some people say, “why do you need to a hire a planner, they’re expensive, we can plan it for you”. But an event planner brings a lot of value, originality, creativity and interesting ideas that makes the execution of your event turn to perfection. 
  6. If you don’t have time to plan your own wedding, if you do not have an inkling of what you want or how to interpret your vision, I suggest you hire a planner. This also applies to couples who live in the diaspora or for those planning a destination wedding.
  7. Beyond ensuring your event is well organised, a wedding planner and her team can help you avoid family feuds. It’s quite common for family members to hold grudges for a very long time when planning is left to family alone to organise.

These are some reasons why you need a planner like Aries Usherettes And Events with a wedding planning team as you plan your next event. Booking Aries Usherettes And Events as your planner means you get my services as a lead planner and my able team of efficient and hands on event coordinators, staff and ushers to ensure we curate a timeless event for you and pay attention to all the little details. From the brief, to the design, to execution and coordination on the day of the event, we deliver events that are coordinated and planned to perfection.

I look forward to planning your event with you, let’s begin your event journey and build memories that can last a lifetime kept in photographs and relatable in your experience. 

With love, your Lead Planner. 💜 

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