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#ThePsalms2016 (Tola & David) got married earlier this year and we had our ‘Gram eyes’ on them as soon as we saw their hashtag. So of course, we had to do this, here’s our ‘Everything We Loved About #ThePsalms2016’ post.


Hashtag: We like that they didn’t go with the usual ‘Bride’s first name + Groom’s first name + Wedding Year = Wedding Hashtag’ formula. Especially with a surname like ‘Psalms’, we’re glad they went with #ThePsalms2016.

The Bride’s 3 Outfits: Tolu looked stunning in all her outfits.

Nigerian Wedding #ThePsalms2016 Bridal Gown Vera Wang LoveweddingsNG Nigerian Wedding #ThePsalms2016 Bridal Gown Vera Wang LoveweddingsNG1

Nigerian Wedding #ThePsalms2016 LoveweddingsNG 3

Bridesmaids Dresses: The bridesmaids stood out in cobalt blue and we love that the dress wasn’t overly ‘bridesmaid-ish’ i.e. it looks like it can be easily worn to another event, if you get what we mean.

Nigerian Wedding #ThePsalms2016 LoveweddingsNG Bridesmaids 1

The Wedding Decor: Vania Events Solution transformed the traditional wedding stage with Arabian themed decor. The Eru Iyawo was beautifully packaged by our vendor – Eru Iyawo Concepts.

Nigerian Wedding Decor #ThePsalms2016 Vania Events Solution LoveweddingsNG
Arabian themed traditional wedding decor by Vania Events Solution
Nigerian Wedding #ThePsalms2016 Eru Iyawo LoveweddingsNG
Eru Iyawo packaged by Eru Iyawo Concepts

Nigerian Wedding Decor #ThePsalms2016 Vania Events Solution LoveweddingsNG2 Nigerian Wedding Decor Classique Events Place #ThePsalms2016 LoveweddingsNG

Stationery: We loved absolutely everything paper/stationery wise from #ThePsalms2016. R’ADE Designs, Prints & Handcrafts did a fantastic job with the cobalt and gold colour scheme. From the wedding invitation cards to the gold foil stamped passport themed wedding access cards, the round foil stamped menus, the fan wedding programme, we loved everything!!! The table numbers also had translations of ‘Love’ in 60 different languages. 🙂

Wedding Stationery #ThePsalms2016 LoveweddingsNG

Customised Champagnes & Wines

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Cakes: Their traditional wedding cake was made by The Muse Academy while the white wedding cake was from Cakes by Tosan.

Nigerian Traditional Wedding Cake #ThePsalms2016 The Muse Academy LoveweddingsNG
Traditional wedding cake by The Muse Academy
Nigerian Wedding #ThePsalms2016 Cake LoveweddingsNG
White wedding cake by Cakes by Tosan

The Glasses: The couple had customised ‘Psalms 2016 glasses’ for their wedding guests; the glasses were supplied by Awesome Memories Photobooth.

Nigerian Wedding #ThePsalms2016 LoveweddingsNG Glasses

We wish Tolu & David a happy married life

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