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Seeing all the pictures from behind the scenes of the soon to be released Nigerian movie titled ‘Yoruba Demons‘ reminded me of Tunji. Anywhere Tunji went, girls followed. Tunji is handsome; he literally ate hearts for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I never thought I would see the day that Tunji will get married. When he told me that he was engaged and set to marry Lisa, I laughed hard and screamed “Emergency!!! One Yoruba demon down” and we both laughed.

Well! Here I was laughing my way into his traditional marriage ceremony with my handbag, Jessica. If I attend any party without Jessica, it feels like I am cheating on her. And she never fails to point it out.

“You need me there Dara. Remember the other time when you refused to take me with you to Dubai for that bridal shower; the trip was cancelled. Do you see how much you need me?” There’s no point arguing with people like Jessica because (in their minds) they’re always right.

AY Makun, Ramsey Noah, Falz the Bahd Guy & Jim Iyke on set of upcoming movie, Yoruba Demons

Anyways, back to Tunji’s trad! The hall was packed with all kinds of ladies;

  1. The ex that’s now happily married and happy
  2. The ex that’s still pained but married.
  3. The ex that’s still single but over Tunji.
  4. People who just wanted to criticise the bride and everything about the wedding
  5. Girls who just wanted to shoot their shots at Tunji; you never can tell maybe he will give them a chance.

Tunji looked as handsome as always, smiling from ear to ear as he danced in with his boys. He couldn’t contain his joy when Lisa danced into the hall with her ladies. Tunji surprisingly burst into tears when he unveiled his bride. I was in shock. “I thought you said he had no heart?” Jessica whispered to me.

All through the ceremony, Tunji could not take his eyes off Lisa. Fine, cute children was all I could see when I looked at both of them.

“I still can’t believe Tunji is married and so in love,” I said to Jessica.

A group of ladies behind us kept laughing and talking. I set my ear to listen. No, I am not nosy; I just wanted to be in on the joke.

“Did you get it?” one of the ladies asked

“I said he gave me his number before the ceremony started”

“Tunji! I said it that he can never change”, I thought to myself

“Poor Lisa” One of the ladies said exactly what I was thinking.

“I told you Tunji can never be clean. Oya pay up” The other ladies grumbled as they handed cash to one of the ladies while she gave a satisfied grin and high-fived her partner in crime.

I guess old habits are really hard to die. Tunji sure did fool me too. Once a demon, always a demon.

See you next Sunday.



Darais a fictitious name and character created for LoveWeddingsNG. This column is not a depiction of real life events. Names, characters, places and incidents and incidents are products of the author’s imagination. Any resemblance to actual events or persons is entirely

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