Their family members set them up, she sent a cheeky text and now they’re married | #MIJOS2019

Miriam and John’s family members thought they would be a good match and set them up on a date. One cheeky text and 3 years later, John and Miriam are married! Read the couple’s love story and see pictures from their traditional wedding by London based fine art photographers, Quadosh Photography.

Miriam’s story 

Hands up if you have ever been set up by a family member?…

Now hands up if you have ever been set up by a family member and had high expectations???

I have to admit my expectations were veeery low when my mum told me that Uncle Tony had suggested that John and I might be a good match. Our families were longtime friends but lived far apart, so although I had seen him a few times over the years, I never really paid any attention to him.

First thoughts: Did he actually remember who I was? Do we actually have anything in common?

The pressure mounted as the word got out in our families about our potential date. Even before we had actually said a word to each other I was getting asked what our wedding colours would be!

After a little nudging, I eventually got his number. I thought I’d make the first move and try to break the ice with a cheeky text…

“Hello future husband (laughing emoji)”

He didn’t text back for a while and I was worried that he didn’t get the joke and I had just come across as incredibly needy…

My heart skipped a beat as the text with lots of laughing emojis finally came in. Phew!

And so our conversation began…

… 3 hours later we were still texting and more than 3 years later we are still laughing.

John’s story

Four years ago, my uncle Tony approached me to tell me about a woman he thought I’d like. He said that she was smart, ambitious and a God fearing woman and that I should talk to her. He said her name was Miriam, that name rang a bell as I vaguely knew who she was. We had once attended the same church 20 odd years before.

At first, I passed on his suggestion, believing in my own ability to get women; I wasn’t about to get help from my uncle. He would go on to suggest me speaking to her again in the following weeks and even gave me her number…

Another two weeks went by and I didn’t contact her. At a Mrs J event, I was getting into my car and I received a text. It read ‘Hi, future husband.’ It was from Miriam and it was the ice breaker of the century as we went on to text each other for an hour.

We scheduled a date and went to Suda Thai. I remember what she wore a denim shirt with a black leather skirt and big curly hair. We spent five hours just talking and it was then I knew she was different and we had connected.

The rest, as they say, is history



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