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Nigerian couple, Funto & Dapo are getting married. The couple shared their love story and photos from their pre-wedding shoot at one of our favourite Nigerian wedding venues – Sencillo via their photographer, B.Lawz Studios. Enjoy!

Our love story

Dapo and I first met in Lagos in 2013. A friend had invited me for a wedding a bunch of them were attending, and he drove us to the venue. Although we didn’t speak on the day, most likely because we were both in relationships; we didn’t see each other again until about 2 years later.

2014 came, we were both living in the U.K. (different cities), I was single and he had just gotten out of a relationship. The same friend who invited me for the wedding in 2013 and another mutual friend tried setting us up. We both weren’t interested in a relationship at that point in time, and it felt more like a rebound situation to us also.

In 2015, we met each other again at a birthday party, we both had forgotten that we ever met in 2013. We had small talk & exchanged numbers, though we didn’t speak until a week later. We began texting & speaking every now & then as we remained friends and he would come by to see me every now & then, or we would hangout.

I had this rule that I wasn’t going to just introduce any guy to my family, except it was something serious. So anytime he came to see me, he would literally be parked outside my house. On one of the days, he showed up and parked outside as I was getting home with my mom, and my mom goes “who is this guy that keeps showing up to see you and I haven’t met him?” … I went into the house and I came back out to see him and told him the comment she made and asked him not to park so close next time. Next thing he’s like he would like to meet her, I was like nooo.

Months later, I found out he had gone to my mom’s office to introduce himself as the guy that’s always parked outside my house 😭🤣 and to properly introduce himself, name & all. That move and other things especially his love for family, made me realise his intentionality about wanting to be with me.

We officially became an item in June 2016 and well we have had a long journey, with different moments of us circling back to each other and we are so grateful to GOD we get to do this thing called life with each other.

Vendors & Credits

  • Photography: @blawzstudios
  • Makeup: @artistrybylisaa
  • Planner: @thetaliablackcompany
  • Cinematography: @josephmofilms
  • Styling: @kayito
  • Dress (1st outfit): @donnarossa_ng
  • Dress (2nd outfit): @belangelique_store


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