African Wedding Podcast Spotlight with Gloria Buckman Yankson | International Podcast Day

It’s International Podcast Day on the 30th of September 2021 and to mark this event, we’ll be profiling some African wedding podcast hosts this week. All these podcasters are putting Nigeria & Africa on the podcast map and contributing to telling our stories through this unique medium. First up, we had Tavershima G. Ayede, who hosts the Sales For the Nigerian Wedding Industry podcast and now, we have Gloria Buckman Yankson, host of The African Wedding Blueprint. Gloria is an event planner, Wedding Business Coach, Content Creator, and blogger at

Tell us about your podcast… The African Wedding Blueprint has been thoughtfully designed to help engaged couples and wedding professionals navigate the ups and downs of wedding planning. Through weekly podcasts, blog posts, and downloadable resources, you will find all the tools you need to help you create a truly unforgettable celebration.

What made you decide to launch a podcast? I created The African Wedding Blueprint, because, although I have been sharing educational content about events and weddings for years [both on YouTube and Instagram], I realised that there is still so much to share when it comes to what to expect when planning a wedding in Africa – Ghana, specifically. Every other day, I receive a message on Instagram which proves that there isn’t really enough support and guidance online for engaged couples looking to get married in our part of the world. And for new wedding professionals looking to grow their businesses in the industry locally, it’s an “each one for himself, God for us all situation.”

But, if you have been following me for a while, you already know that I am a firm believer in inclusion, in community over competition, and in the message that incredible things happen when we support and encourage each other. So this podcast and my new website – is my way of reaching out to help as many people as possible. I have designed this online platform to help engaged couples and wedding professionals navigate the ups and downs of wedding planning. Through weekly podcasts, blog posts, downloadable printable tools, and resources, The African Wedding Blueprint is here to simplify the wedding planning process; and to introduce you to a community of accomplished wedding professionals who can help you create a truly unforgettable celebration.

Your favourite episode so far and why? My favourite podcast has got to be Episode 3: How To Apply For A Marriage Certificate [License] In Ghana. I have lost count of the number of people who have reached out to me re: this topic. So, although it was repurposed from my YouTube Channel, I am so glad the information I have shared on this topic is helping so many people understand the marriage registration process in Ghana [which they otherwise may have struggled to find].

What role do you see podcasts playing in the Nigerian, African wedding market? As more and more of us get busier, podcasts have become a brilliant way to acquire knowledge on the go. So I am excited to launch The African Wedding Blueprint and look forward to finding other Ghanaian & African Wedding podcasts that help listeners keep up to date with information on wedding planning in our part of the world.

5 podcasts you’ll recommend we tune into. I am currently listening to: Steven Bartlett’s ‎The Diary Of A CEO, Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations, The Akeshi Akinseye Podcast, The Jasmine Star Show & Conversations From The Secret Place by Yolanda Masamba [love her podcast – though she hasn’t uploaded in a while].

Thank you Gloria for speaking with us and we can’t wait to listen to the next episode.

Check out Gloria’s The African Wedding Blueprint podcast on Anchor and Spotify,

It was really great working on this piece and we would love to meet more Nigerian, African wedding podcast hosts. If you’re one or if you know anyone, please leave a comment below and we’ll check them out.


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