Beyonce’s sister Solange kicks and throws punches at Jay Z

Jay Z was viciously attacked by his wife – Beyonce’s sister Solange as the trio left the Met Gala after party in New York last Monday.

The 27-year-old was caught on surveillance camera lashing out wildly at her brother-in-law, 44, with both her arms and her legs, while her sister stood beside them looking curiously impassive.

The famous family were in an elevator descending from a soiree that followed the annual fashion fest at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. 

Watch the video below

In the seemingly unprovoked attack plays out in footage obtained by TMZSolange can clearly be seen kicking and swinging violently at Jay Z, the father of her two-year-old niece, Blue Ivy, after the trio step into the elevator.

Solange Beyonce JayZ4

According to TMZ sources, Solange was screaming at her family member when the fight erupted.

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In the footage, a man who looks to be a bodyguard tries to hold Solange back but she manages to reign blows on the rapper several times, and even hits him with her purse.

Solange Beyonce JayZ

Jay Z’s shocked appearance and hand to face as Solange marches angrily ahead after leaving the elevator were captured on film, however. 

Solange Beyonce JayZ1

Beyonce tried to muster a showbiz smile as the threesome left but then tellingly departed with her sister in a car while her husband left separately.

Solange Beyonce JayZ2

It’s not yet known what provoked the fight, however, the famous couple looked as happy as ever as they attended a Brooklyn Nets game on Saturday while Solange played a gig in New York.

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Beyonce posted this five days ago
Beyonce posted this five days ago

Source: Daily Mail


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