Things You Should Not Eat On A First Date

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What to eat on a first date could be a dilemma especially when trying to impress your date. We go through a lot of mental gymnastics trying to create the perfect first date in our heads and we don’t want to leave a bad impression just with the food. According to research by, here are some food options to avoid eating on a first date if you are looking to score a second date and maybe, a first kiss!


Its not easy to eat spaghetti gracefully because of its sloppy nature and tendency to leave sauce splatters on your gorgeous outfit. Unless you are extremely comfortable with your date, it is advised that you skip this deliciously messy meal till your 2nd or 3rd date.


Although garlic is a super food and has numerous benefits, eating it on a date is a big no-no. On your first date, you don’t want this person holding his/her breathe while you’re trying to have a decent conversation. More so, be sure your date is going to be end prematurely and it’s not because you’re Cinderella, it’s your bad breath!

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Salads are nice to eat and packed with nutrients as well but not for when you are dining with someone for the first time. Bits and pieces of its leafy greens could get stuck in your teeth and your date might be too polite to tell you you’ve got something in your teeth so you do not feel embarrassed so this person keeps quiet about it and tolerates you till the end of the date.


Burgers are yummy, no contest and they are filling too. However, that’s not why you are on a first date and you really don’t want to battle with layers of juicy beef, cheese and tomato rings while trying to look cute for this person. A burger is most likely going to leave smears of mayonnaise or ketchup around the corners of your mouth, avoid it.

Chicken Wings/Ribs

Chicken wings can be very messy to eat if one hasn’t mastered the art of properly dissembling what could be described as one of the best and most enjoyable meals to eat. Best option is to avoid this food totally so you do not get yourself into a messy situation. Literally.


Corn is a very noisy food to eat and you may not realize it while you chew on it. Foods like this, though delicious, can be nauseating for your date to watch especially the part where you have to pick out the kernels stuck in-between your teeth.

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