Becoming the OhEmGees: Nigerian comedian, Emma Oh ma God is set to wed Yetunde Shode


Popular Nigerian comedian and YouTube sensation, Emma Oh ma God (Emmanuel Edunjobi) is getting married!!

Emmanuel is set to wed Yetunde in a few days and we caught up with the bride who shared their love story with us. They got engaged earlier this year, on the 2nd of May, 2016. Their wedding is being planned by our vendor – The Event Girl NG. Read their story and view pictures from their pre-wedding shoot with MikaelB below;

BeComing TheOhemgees

I met Emma on an ordinary day at work. I went to see one of my friends in another office to sort out some things when he said my name. As I arrived, Emma was there; imagine his surprise when he heard my name “Yetunde” and he said “You’re Yoruba“. My friend then said “Yeah she can speak it” He then said “speak it for me, let me hear” , I responded “I’m not a parrot!” . Lol!

I guess that was the beginning of our on and off friendship. I stayed away from him because his funny and playful nature gave the impression of a Naija “playboy,” which people had warned me about when I decided to move back to Nigeria.

One particular day, I was ill but had to still go to the office and he sent me a message asking how I was and I told him I wasn’t too well. He came in to my office with food and medicine and looked after me like I was his “sister”. That was when I realised he wasn’t all I thought he was. The rest they say is history yeah?

We are here today becoming “TheOhemgees” in a few days and I couldn’t be happier. God has blessed me with an amazing man in Emmanuel, who loves him and loves me. He’s the only man I have been able to say would do anything for me and I would do likewise so I can truly say we’re soulmates.

– Yetunde


Have you ever met someone and you realized God was thinking of you when he created that person?

This alone is enough reason for me to know God has my best interest at heart! It was as if he asked me for dimensions before creating her… Everything made exactly according to my specifications in the exact right ratio… inside and outside… Choi! God loves me!

… and that is why I love my twin sister Yetunde.

Yes she is my WIFE to be and that means she is my WOMAN and my EVERYTHING.. including MOTHER, SISTER and anything else I choose to call her?

#TheOhEmGees coming through…

– EmmaOhMaGod (Emmanuel)

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Congrats to the couple


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  1. Congratulations to both of you on your wedding; baby girl and many more blessings on your lives. You are adorable

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