Will You Be My Bridesmaid? | 10 Creative Ways to Pop The Question


Bridesmaids play a huge part at the wedding ceremony and this is why a lot of brides consider carefully who they choose. As a bride, once you have your list; it’s time to ask the all important question – Will you be my Bridesmaid?

These days, it’s not enough to just verbally ask your friends or family members to be on your bridal train, couples have come up with exciting, creative ways to pop the question. This post will show you 7 ways to ask the all important question – ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaid?’


1. Commission an illustrator to sketch a picture of your bridesmaids and get the illustrations on custom gift boxes filled with goodies for your girls like #BToks2017

Nigerian bride, Bose from #BToks2017 sent these ‘Bridesmaid proposal boxes’ to her best girls

2. Buy a cake and personalise it with the all important question, ‘[insert name of your dear friend], will you be my bridesmaid?


3. Ask them on Instagram like Joke (#JokeAzeez2014) and Tito (#TitHam2016)

Tito (the bride from #TitHam16) asked her bridesmaids by uploading this image on Instagram
Nigerian Wedding Trend 2014 - Would You Be My Bridesmaid LoveweddingsNG
The bride from #JokeAzeez2014 uploaded digital cards and tagged her bridesmaids individually on Instagram to ask them the big question

4. Giftboxes + A bottle of Champagne like Kemi (KemiTolu2014). Whatever you decide to put into the gift box or bag – nail polish, cupcakes, etc.; make sure you add a bottle… Baileys, Champagne… anything 🙂 

Nigerian Wedding Trend 2014 - Would You Be My Bridesmaid LoveweddingsNG1
Nigerian bride, Kemi from #KemiTolu2014 asked her bridesmaids the big question with this ‘Indulgence-themed’ bag filled with their guilty pleasures – cupcakes, Baileys, etc
Nigerian Wedding #DoubleO2016 LoveweddingsNG bridesmaids invitation

Barbara sent sequined cupcakes with notes to her bridesmaids for #KingsleyandBarbara


6. Send a card 


7. Record a lovely message, save it on a USB stick and send it to your bridesmaids. Nigerian bride, Seun from #NiyiSeun2016 said; 

I wanted each of my bridesmaids to really understand how special and important they are to me. So I decided to record short videos sharing clips and images of our friendship over the years and how much they meant to me. I put each video on these tiny USBs and placed them in individual boxes [and] posted it to them. I cried recording the videos and even more while editing them. These girls are so important to me and I am so glad I get to share a very special day with them right beside me. 


8. Custom mugs 


9. Don’t ask, just tell them like #WAT16

Picture Credits: Instagram


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