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Nigerian Wedding Trends in 2014: Wedding Hashtags, PreWedding Shoots, The Best Wo(Man) & More | LoveweddingsNG

Nigerian Wedding Trends 2014 - LoveweddingsNG

2014 was a big year for weddings in Nigeria. Not only did many fab couples tie the knot, they also set some trends that we think would stick around for at least another year. In this post, we present to you the Wedding Trends that took over the scene in 2014.

1) HashtagsWe love love love love love Hashtags. We always go on and on about them and Nigerians have definitely caught up with how useful they can be. 2014 was the year of Wedding Hashtags, thanks to Instagram. Let’s play a game, list some wedding hashtags you’ve seen on Instagram this year. You have only 10 Seconds. I played this game too and I listed the following;

Loveweddingsng Hashtag Openers The Artisans Gift Company
Hashtag Bottle Openers By The Artisans Gift Company (TAGC)

#JokeandAzeez #TheBlacks2014 #TojuYori2014 #SimiandSid #kareeandtuoyo2014 #KunyeTheWedding #KemiTolu2014 #OdunLadi2015 #TobiWedsNicola #LolaShola2014 …

Not bad, I listed 10… that’s one hashtag per second. If you still don’t get the hype behind wedding hashtags, let’s help you find out why everyone has one and why you should too. Read our articles on the topic HERE and HERE.

2) Prewedding Shoots/Save the Date: I don’t know any couple who got married this year who didn’t have a pre-wedding shoot and at least one Save The Date picture within that shoot. Prewedding shoots have become so popular that photographers and makeup artists actually include this in the deals they offer clients. Some vendors even offer free pre-wedding sessions as an incentive for couples.

Akintunde & Tosin's prewedding shoot by Haykyns Touch
Akintunde & Tolu’s prewedding shoot by Haykyns Touch.

This trend is definitely here to stay. As a result of this, couples have become increasingly creative playing about with different themes for their prewedding shoot. We think it’s beautiful and it’s also the perfect way for vendors (photographer, makeup artists, event planner) to spend time with the couple and get to know better. We love this trend. Some themes and locations definitely stood out as favorites for a lot of couples. Here are a few we’ve noticed.

Traditional/Tribal prewedding shoots is one trend we have definitely noticed, so much so that we decided to create a series tagged ‘Tribal/Traditional Prewedding Shoots We Love, catch up HERE if you missed any of the posts in this series.

Loveweddingsng Prewedding Olawunmi and Adeola10
Olawunmi and Adeola‘s Tribal Prewedding Shoot by Nobis Photography. View their story and more pictures HERE.

Ikoyi-Lekki Bridge – It’s probably safe to say that the New Lekki bridge is one of the most popular locations for prewedding shoots in Lagos. We also have a series tagged Ikoyi-Lekki Bridge Prewedding Shoots We Love‘, click HERE to view more.

Nigerian Prewedding New Lekki Bridge Obidi Nene Akara Ogheneworo LoveweddingsNG
Picture Credit: Akara Ogheneworo

3) Bridal Party Invites: If you need to ask your friend to be one of your bridesmaids or groomsmen, well you better pay attention. Couples in 2014 looked for creative ways to ask the all important question ‘Would you be my Bridesmaid?’ ‘Would you be one of my Groomsmen?’

Nigerian Wedding Trend 2014 - Would You Be My Bridesmaid LoveweddingsNG
#JokeandAzeez2014: Joke asked her bridesmaids by posting pictures like this and tagging her ‘bridesmaids-to-be’ on Instagram
Milkstache cookies Bridesmaids
Nigerian Wedding Trend 2014 - Would You Be My Bridesmaid LoveweddingsNG1
#KemiTolu2014: Kemi asked the question “Will you be my bridesmaid?” with an ‘indulgence themed’ bag filled with guilty pleasures. “Theme: Indulgence. Forget all your dieting tings, my friends are foodies!!!”

4) Surprise Wedding Gifts: At almost every wedding we’ve seen this year, the groom always seems to have a surprise gift for the bride and vice versa. Usually, this is presented before the wedding ceremony begins.

Loveweddingsng Tutu and Tosin170
Tosin got one of his groomsmen to deliver this wedding gift to his bride – Tutu. For Tosin & Tutu’s wedding feature, click HERE
Loveweddingsng Tutu and Tosin169
Tosin got one of his groomsmen to deliver this wedding gift to his bride – Tutu. For Tosin & Tutu’s wedding feature, click HERE
Loveweddingsng Tutu and Tosin
Tosin got one of his groomsmen to deliver this wedding gift to his bride – Tutu. For Tosin & Tutu’s wedding feature, click HERE

5) Thank You Gifts to the Bridal Party: When your friends agree to be on your train, it’s only fair that you say ‘thank you’ by giving them gifts on the wedding day, abi? That’s one lesson we learnt in 2014. Saying ‘thank you’ isn’t enough, couples this year have given some really lovely gifts to their bridal train. We like the idea… at the end of the day, they’re only doing you a favour…

Joke and Azeez Ogedengbe Loveweddingsng33
#JokeandAzeez: The bridesmaids got these Alexander McQueen pumps as a ‘thank you’ gift from the bride together with other gifts
Nigerian Wedding Trend 2014 - Bridesmaid Gifts by Kokies World of Gifts Loveweddingsng
#OlamideandOladapo: Bridesmaid Gifts by Kokies World of Gifts

Find more ways to thank your bridal party here

6) Themed Weddings: Couples are thinking more and more about themes… These themes tend to follow through from the bridal shower/stag do all the way to the wedding.

Nollywood Themed Bridal Shower LoveweddingsNG
Nollywood themed bridal shower organised by Mama Zee Events

7) Packaged Asoebi: This is one trend I noticed and I was amazed when I saw the first one… Gone are the days when yards of asoebi were distributed in plastic/paper bags, these days, vendors put together invitation cards, asoebi, RSVP cards, etc in a suitcase. This is particularly good for Strictly by IV weddings where you have a controlled crowd.

Joke and Azeez Ogedengbe Loveweddingsng27
Joke & Azeez’ AsoEbi Suitcase

8) All White Traditional Bride: More brides wore all white traditional wedding outfits in 2014 than any other year before…

Tiwa Savage All White Traditional Wedding Outfit LoveweddingsNG
Nigerian All White Traditional Wedding Outfit LoveweddingsNG

9) Bride & Bridesmaid Robes: I’m really not sure how this started but at almost every wedding in 2014, I saw pictures of the bride and her girls (a.k.a bridesmaids) in customized robes.

Loveweddingsng Sisi Yemmie and Bobo White Wedding1
Sisi Yemmie with her girls. If you missed Sisi Yemmie and Bobo’s wedding feature, catch up HERE.
Bride Oluwayomi in her customized robe. If you missed Oluwayomi & Olugbenga's wedding feature, catch up HERE. Picture credit: Ice Imagery
Bride Oluwayomi in her customized robe. If you missed Oluwayomi & Olugbenga’s wedding feature, catch up HERE. Picture credit: Ice Imagery
Loveweddingsng Temi and Ayo
#AyoTemi. If you missed Temi and Ayo’s feature, catch up HERE. Picture Credit: Soji Oni Photography
LoveweddingsNG White Wedding Olivia and Jonathan55
Bride Olivia and her bridesmaids in their customized robes. For more on Olivia & Jonathan’s wedding, catch up HERE

10) The Female Best Man: This is self explanatory. We saw this with #TheBlacks2014 and #OCandIbukunUkeje… More couples seem to be embracing this trend and we love it. After all, if you’re the groom and your best friend is a lady/woman, why deprive him/her of being the best man/woman on your big day. We can’t wait though for a couple who would turn the tables… A bride with a man as her ‘Chief Bridesmaid’ OR ‘Maid of Honor’…  Hmmmm…

#TheBlacks2014: The groom had his 'twin sister' serve as his 'Best Man'
#TheBlacks2014: The groom had his ‘twin sister’ serve as his ‘Best Man’
OC and Ibukun Ukeje - Lala Akindoju Best Man Loveweddingsng
Actress & Producer – Lala Akindoju was OC Ukeje’s ‘best woman’ for his wedding. For more on OC & Ibukun’s wedding, click HERE

See more Nigerian Groomwomen and Best Women here

11) Floor length Veils: Populary known as Cathedral veils, this veil was popular with 2014 brides. All I’ve got to say is if you’re walking behind the bride, make sure you don’t step on her really long lush veil else… OYO is your case.

Cathedral Wedding Veils LoveweddingsNG1
#TheBlacks2014… Veil: Brides by Nona. Photography: Lutosin Gbela Art
LoveweddingsNG White Wedding Olivia and Jonathan30
Olivia’s Veil… If you missed Olivia & Jonathan’s feature, catch up HERE

12) Two Chief Bridesmaids: You know the drama of having to pick between your best friends when you’re about to get married. Well, scratch that, why have one Maid of Honor when you can have two.

LoveweddingsNG Yvonne and Ivan 7th April Photography58
Yvonne had two chief bridesmaids. For more on Yvonne & Ivan’s wedding, click HERE. Picture Credit: 7th April Photography

13) Bridal Gowns by Nigerian Designers: A few years ago, I’m sure almost every bride dreamt of getting their wedding dress from the likes of Vera Wang, Berta Bridal, etc… Whilst this still happens, a lot of brides are embracing Nigerian bridal designers. This year has definitely been a good year for the bridal designers such as – MAI (Mai Atafo Inspired)April by Kunbi, Huddaya, etc. It’s great to see that more and more people are prepared to trust Nigerian designers with their precious wedding gowns and I must say, the designers are slaying big time

Hudaaya Loveweddingsng
Bride – Chiilicious in her wedding gown by Hudayya
Toke Makinwa April By Kunbi LoveweddingsNG
Toke Makinwa said ‘I Do’ in this Berta bridal inspired wedding dress by April by Kunbi. For more on Toke & Maje’s wedding, click HERE

14) Natural Hair Brides: This is no surprise. Thanks to the natural hair movement, more and more brides are walking down the aisle in more natural hairstyles than ever before


Makeovers by Teju Loveweddingsng6
Natural Hair Bride – Nancy

15) Both Parents Walking The Bride Down The Aisle: We love love love this one… Yes, we know traditionally the bride’s father walks the bride down the aisle but what happens to mummy ehn… after 9 months and labour pains, etc… I think both parents should walk the bride down the aisle and not just daddy so this is a very welcome development

Cathedral Wedding Veils LoveweddingsNG
#TheBlacks2014: Her mum and dad walked her down the aisle

16) Surprise Celeb Appearances: I cannot count the number of celeb appearances I noticed in 2014 at Nigerian weddings. It seems to be the order of the day. For #JokeandAzeez, the groom invited Tiwa Savage as a surprise for the bride; Wizkid also performed at the event.  Tiwa Savage also performed at the event. If you missed their feature, catch up HERE. Couples seem to love the idea that a celeb turned up at their wedding.

Koko Ita Giwa weds Chimaobi Loveweddingsng - White Wedding15
2Face Idibia performed ‘African Queen’ for Koko Ita-Giwa and Chimaobi‘s first dance. Picture Credit: Linda Ikeji Blog
Koko Ita Giwa weds Chimaobi Loveweddingsng - White Wedding13
Tiwa Savage also performed at Koko Ita-Giwa & Chimaobi‘s wedding. Picture Credit: Linda Ikeji Blog
Regina's husband got Naeto C to perform as a surprise at their wedding
Regina’s husband got Naeto C to perform as a surprise at their wedding

17) Choreographed Wedding Performance: Last year, we saw all sorts of wedding choreography this year. Remember Motilayo & Banji’s white wedding, catch up HERE if you missed it.

Loveweddingsng Motilayo and Banji White Wedding207
Motilayo & Banji’s White Wedding. More pictures HERE
Loveweddingsng Motilayo and Banji White Wedding feat
Motilayo & Banji’s White Wedding. More pictures HERE

Dr Sid and his boys also had a surprise choreography for his bride – Simi. Watch it below;

18) Selfies: Self explanatory … Be it with the bride, groom, couple or wedding guests, everyone seems to be interested in taking the all important Selfie…

Picture Credit: Laphy Photography
Picture Credit: Laphy Photography
Nigerian Wedding Trend 2014 - Selfies Loveweddingsng

19) Dance Floors: This was a constant at almost every Nigerian wedding in 2014

Loveweddingsng Temi and Ayo
Temi and Ayo’s Dance Floor. If you missed their feature, catch up HERE. Picture Credit: Soji Oni Photography

20) Photobooths:Photobooths have become very popular features at Nigerian weddings.

Nigerian Wedding Trend 2014 - Photo booths Loveweddingsng
Maryam Augie’s Photobooth at her Birthday/Wedding Ceremony
PhotoGenic Photobooth Loveweddingsng16
#RaeandChidi’s Wedding Photobooth by Photogenic Photobooth

21) Here Comes The Bride Sign: Just added this one… How could I have missed this… Anyways, yes, this was a big wedding trend in 2014. It’s not just enough that everyone is asked to stand to welcome the bride, our 2014 brides had other ideas

Nigerian Wedding Trend 2014 - Here Comes The Bride Sign1
Picture Credit: Bokeh Amore Photography
Nigerian Wedding Trend 2014 - Here Comes The Bride Sign
Bride: Hair of Life

So… what do you think? Have we missed any trends you noticed this year? Let us know. Drop Your Comments Below. We might have more volumes… so Stay Tuned…

Featured Image Credit: WeddingsSmiths

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Ify Ada | Chiefwedslolo.com
Ify Ada | Chiefwedslolo.com

Amazing list Seyi! My favorite is #13. I mean Vera Wang is fine and all. But Nigerians are talented fashionistas and it makes sense that some of us can be talented fashion designers too!

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